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Metal Trail Camera Mount Bracket with Strap, Easy Mount to Tree and Wall

This trail camera mount bracket has a 1/4-inch standard threaded mounting base and a 360-degree rotating head, which can be freely adjusted at all angles. The tree assembly (tree stand) can be secured with the help of the supplied fastening straps or can be mounted to the wall with screws.

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Product Description

Introducing our Metal Trail Camera Mount Bracket with Strap, the perfect accessory for mounting your game cameras and other cameras securely and conveniently.   This versatile bracket is designed to provide you with a seamless experience while capturing wildlife footage or monitoring your surroundings.

The mount bracket features a 1/4-inch standard threaded mounting base, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cameras.   Whether you have a game camera or another camera with a 1/4-inch standard thread, this mount bracket is the perfect fit.

With its 360-degree rotating head, you have the freedom to adjust your camera at any angle for the perfect shot.   Whether you want to capture a wide-angle view of your surroundings or focus on a specific area, this mount bracket allows you to position your camera just the way you want it.

Installing the bracket is a breeze.   The tree assembly, also known as a tree stand, can be easily secured to the desired tree using the supplied fastening straps.   The straps ensure a stable and reliable attachment, giving you peace of mind that your camera is securely mounted.

If you prefer to mount the bracket on a wall, it can be easily done using screws.   This flexibility allows you to use the mount bracket not only in outdoor settings but also in indoor environments such as warehouses, garages, or surveillance areas.

The durable metal construction of the mount bracket ensures its longevity and ability to withstand outdoor conditions.   It is designed to be weather-resistant, ensuring that your camera stays securely in place even during harsh weather conditions.

Enhance your wildlife photography or surveillance activities with our Metal Trail Camera Mount Bracket with Strap.   With its easy mounting options, adjustable angles, and sturdy construction, you can rely on this bracket to provide stable support for your camera, ensuring you capture the best possible footage.


Suitable for all game cameras as well as cameras from other manufacturers with 1/4 inch standard thread.

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